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February 2023 Update

February 2023 Update

Hey all, it has been a busy January!! 

Arcadia has been restocked

We have LOTS of reptile hides from caves to pvc ones of all sizes small to Exo Terra Tortoise size!

We are also now stocking Cornel's World PVC Enclosures 4x2x2. At time of posting, we have 2 remaining (the rest presold). The Radiant heat panels are in (40w and 80w)

Cork, woods and rocks will be here any day. Zoo Med Reptisoil too!

For those looking for a large glass paludarium (20 gallons!) the Zoo Med 38x18x36 is on hand.


For animals,

Female tarantulas we have a couple left, Avicularia Pink Toe, Brazilian Black, and Green Bottle Blue ladies all in good sizes.

The Argentine Black and White Tegu came in!

We have many more Uroplatus coming week 2, Sikorae, and Sameiti.

Red Ackie Monitors (mid Feb~)
Easter Collared Lizard (CB)
Translucent High Colour Hypo Leatherback Bearded Dragon
Translucent High Colour Bearded Dragon
A pile of amazing looking Crested Geckos (YES, Lilly Whites!!):
- Lilly White x2
- Red Bicolor
- Flame
- Red Dalmation
- Pinstripe
- Flame Harlequin
- Harlequin Dalmation
- Phantom Super Stripe
- Harlequin
- Red Dalmation (tailless)
- Phantom Stripe
- Brindle Dalmation

Tarantulas (t albopilosum, Aphonopelma seemanni)
Pueblan milksnake 1.0
Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhlii)
Emerald Swift 0.2
and a lovely little captive bred Carpet Chameleon

We will be seeing more Leopard Geckos, Corn Snakes,

As usual, if there is anything special you are after just reach out. If any links here do not work then that animal is likely unavailable now!


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