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October 2023

October 2023

Items listed here will include everything we have arrived or arriving soon. Any quantities are outside of preorder amounts at time of posting. 

Some items may not be added to the website but will be available in store, any questions please ask.

Inventory is not updated beyond time of posting.


  • False Chameleon Anole (presold) available by preorder 1.1
  • New Guinea Frilled Dragons
  • Vietnamese tiger geckos
  • Bawangling cave geckos
  • Chinese cave geckos
  • African fat tail geckos, het patternless pos het zulu
  • P. Sazimai 
  • Red iguana (presold) 
  • Normal Cornsnakes
  • Anery Cornsnakes
  • European Common Toad
  • Nosy Faly x Ambanja Panther Chameleon 
  • Leopard gecko: Blazing Blizzard, Bold Stripe, Leucistic Mack Snow, High Yellow 



Exo Terra - Arrived 

  • Bearded Dragon Starter Kit 36" x 18" x 18"
  • Reptile Dome Fixture 6" and 8"
  • Nano fixture
  • Nano fixture with bracket 
  • Nano 5w LED 
  • Nano 25w basking spot
  • Wire Lamp Fixture with Clamp 
  • Solar Glo 80w, 125w, 160w
  • Corner water dish
  • Water Dish Medium, Large
  • BioDrain Terrarium Mesh 24" x 18"
  • Replacement Door Latch 
  • Replacement Screen Cover 18" x 18"


Arcadia - expected by October 25

The Arcadia 2.4% Uvb Kit is still backorder and we are waiting for our order to become available!

RARTP14SZArcadia Pro T5 ShadeDweller-Max Kit 2.5% UVB 14W5
RARTP24DZArcadia PRO T5 UVB KIT With 14% Dragon Lamp (24W-22.5")**2
RARTP39FZArcadia PRO T5 UVB KIT With 6% Forest Lamp (39W-35")**3
RARTP8SZArcadia ShadeDweller™ Pro T5 UVB Kit (110V) 7% UVB7
RARTP24RZArcadia PRO T5 UVB KIT With 12% Desert Lamp (24W-22.5")**2
RARTP24FZArcadia PRO T5 UVB KIT With 6% Forest Lamp (24W-22.5")**3
WPFMCG-2Pangea Fruit Mix with Watermelon Complete Gecko Diet 2oz8
WPFMCY-2Pangea Fruit Mix with Papaya Complete Gecko Diet 2oz5
WPFMCY-8Pangea Fruit Mix with Papaya Complete Gecko Diet 8oz3
RSHA100E27ZArcadia Halogen Heat Basking Lamp 100W PAR384
RSHA50E27ZArcadia Halogen Heat Basking Lamp 50W (PAR20)4
707129291707The BioDude BugGrub 16oz3
05266Galapagos MossVine for Tropical & Forest Tanks 12 Ft.8
WPFMCR-2Pangea Fruit Mix with Insects Complete Gecko Diet 2oz10
WPFMCR-8Pangea Fruit Mix with Insects Complete Gecko Diet 8oz4
FIG8PFMC-8Pangea FIG and Insects Complete Gecko Diet 8oz6
RRPRTHGPangea Digital Combo Thermometer (Temperature) Humidity Gauge / Hygrometer15
PFMCB-2Pangea Growth and Breeding Formula Complete Diet 2oz5
FIG16PFMC-16Pangea FIG and Insects Complete Gecko Diet 16oz4
WHH-MPangea Humidity Hide Medium4
RFR18Arcadia T8 D3+ UVB Forest 5% 18W 24"1
735202314579ATR Black Water/Mealworm Dish10
ATR-HIDE-R-LATR Round Hide (Large) 10 1/4" x 5"3
BC_2409Terramycin 3.5g **2



We have been alerted of an immediate price increase for Pangea diets Canada wide for all dealers. 



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